Hi, we are Joanna & Marian Klein, husband and wife metal artist team from Calgary,Alberta. We design and make whimsical,decorative or ornamental art pieces for home and garden. In our designs we combine steel, copper,stone,wood ,glass and minerals. I Joanna use my backround in drafting,architecture and painting to design and to create custom art . My husband and business partner uses his structural and welding skills to craft unusual one-of-a-kind pieces.

In late 1980s we both began making candleholders and custom wrought iron lamps using hand made rice paper.

Over the years our work progressed. Custom gates and fences, railings, furniture, arbours, gazebos, indoor and outdoor sculptures... sky is the limit.

We both travel extensivelly to market our work at art shows and exhibits.

We are able to find our new inspirations and ideas in cultures troughout the world.

Each design we try to make as unique and individual as possible. Pieces of metal are cut, grinded, polished, hand shaped and welded. Some irregularieties are normal and expected. It gives each piece more character. Many of the decorations are covered with protective finishes(powdercoating)- some are enhanced with special paints and patinas or left untached to develped natural rusty look over the years. Mother Nature is hard on any surface - ocasional maintenance is always recomended if you don't like rust- use of clear laquer will give you some protection from outside elements.